Sepulchre Guard Mess

On the evening of Thursday 30 th November the Sepulchre Guard raised a muster at P. Kt Andrew Woodward's ‘The Boat Inn' at Stoke Bruerne, Nr. Towcester, Northants. Nineteen members of the East Midlands Division's Red Cross of Constantine Sepulchre Guard (present and past), together with two representatives from the West Midlands Division enjoyed a very splendid meal at this well known venue. This was the first time since 2011 that a Guards' Mess had been held and a very special and memorable occasion it turned out to be.

The evening had been expertly organised by W. Kt. Stuart Morgan, Captain of the Guard with the assistance of and kind permission of P. Kt. Andrew Woodward. Stuart's predecessor as Captain, W. Kt. Roger Boylan had been a great help with some of the fine detail.

Our visitors from the West Midlands included M. Ill. Kt. Richard Wallis GCC, past Grand Sovereign, who had been present at the last Guards' Mess. He was accompanied by W. Kt. Martin Preece, the West Midlands Division's Captain of the Guard.

Our host for the evening, P. Kt. Andrew Woodward sabraged several bottles of fine champagne; enjoyed by all, prior to sitting down to a meal of:

Fillet of Monkfish on Samphire with Saffron Sauce

Butternut Squash and Coriander Soup

Fillet of Beef with Pate on Rosti and a Madeira sauce (served with a selection of fresh vegetables)

Baked Camembert with Baguette Croutes

Brioche Bread & Butter Pudding with Crème Anglaise

Coffee with Mints

Port was taken with the Camembert and a selection of fine wines was enjoyed throughout the evening.

The evening was judged a great success by all present and plans have been laid to repeat the Guards' Mess on a bi-annual basis.

Back row, L to R: W. Kt. Graham Minett, W. Kt. David Lathrope, Ill. Kt. Barrie Percival, Ill. Kt. John White, Ill. Kt. David Smith, W. Kt. Dominic Willmott, W. Kt. Mark Meade, P. Kt. Keith Stevenson, W. Kt. John Stock, W. Kt. Paul Winchester, W. Kt. William Hutchison, W. Kt. Clive Thorpe

Front row sitting, L to R: P. Kt. Chris Mullen, P. Kt. Tim Almond, Ill. Kt. Keith Stevens, R. Ill. Kt. John Manby, Intendant-General, W. Kt. Stuart Morgan, Captain of the Guard (East Midlands Division),  M. Ill. Kt. Richard Wallis GCC, Past Grand Sovereign and Past Intendant-General (West Midlands Division), W. Kt. Roger Boylan, W. Kt. Martin Preece, Captain of the Guard (West Midlands Division), P. Kt. Andrew Woodward

P. Kt. Andrew Woodward, Knight Commander of the Order of the Golden Sabre, in full uniform (our host for the evening)

P. Kt. Andrew Woodward in action!

W. Kt. Stuart Morgan, Captain of the Guard (East Midlands Division) and W. Kt. Martin Preece, Captain of the Guard (West Midlands Division)

Ill. Kt. John White, M.Ill.Kt Richard Wallis and W.Kt. Dominic Willmott