Warranted 1975, Consecrated 1976

In 1974 it was considered that Freemasonry in Ashby-de-la-Zouch was well able to support another Lodge and the Brethren of Ferrers & Ivanhoe Lodge No.779 succesfully applied for the formation of such a Lodge. Its Consecration was conducted by R.W. Bro. Brig.C.B.S. Morley PGM who took the opportunity of reminding the Lodge 'that you may no longer introduce vocal music into your ceremonies, save for the opening and closing Odes and your response to prayer'. Meetings were held in the Lodge Room in the Town Hall, Market Street, Ashby and the Brethren dined at the Royal Hotel, Bath Street, Ashby. In 1981 work was completed on the present Lodge Room which was consecrated by R.W. Bro. G.C. Taylor, PGM on10th November 1981.

                                                      PAST MASTERS

*W.Bro. L.F. Insley, P.J.G.D. 1976/77                   W.Bro. A. Brassey 1995/96

*W.Bro. H.J.B. Knowles, P.P.J.G.D 1977/78           *W.Bro. A. Wardle 1996/97

*W.Bro..D.R.J. Hall 1978/79                                  *W.Bro. H.C.J. Trevena 1997/98

*W.Bro. O.A. Messer 1979/80``                          W.Bro. S. Lister 1998/99

*W.Bro. C.D. Didcott 1980/81                              W.Bro. P.A.V. Ranson 1999/00

W.Bro. W.B. Davies 1981/82                                W.Bro. I.G. Haldane 2000/01  

*W.Bro. L.W. Warren 1982/83                              W.Bro. S.J. Parker 2001/02

*W.Bro. L. Lees 1983/84                                       W.Bro. M.D. Scott 2002/03

*W.Bro. P.W. Lingard 1984/85                               W.Bro. M.R. Bond 2003/04

*W.Bro. D.F. Hutton 1985/86                                  !W.Bro. J.E. Betteridge 2004/05

W.Bro. C.D. Earp 1986/87                                       W.Bro. D. G. Morrice 2005/06

W.Bro. L. Hill 1987/88                                             W.Bro. M.D. Scott 2006/07

W.Bro. G. Moore 1988/89                                        !W.Bro. I. Wilson 2007/08

W.Bro. E. Sharpe 1989/90                                      W.Bro. P.R.Chaffe 2008/09

!W.Bro. M.P. Buckroyd 1990/91                               W.Bro.T. Jones 2009/10

W.Bro. B. Tatton 1991/92                                        W.Bro Stuart Cooper 2010/11  

W.Bro. D.J.H. Jackson 1992/93                                 W. Bro. W Instrall 2011/12

!W.Bro. N Lees 1993/94                                            W. Bro. G. T. Massey 2012/13

W.Bro. D.J. Redfern 1994/95



! Resigned