Gayton Taylor Lodge No.9176



The Lodge was Warranted on the 13th November 1985 and Consecrated on the 20th May 1986 in honour of the then Provincial Grand Master R.W.Bro. Gayton C. Taylor.

The Lodge Crest which was devised and executed by Bro. J. Goodacre of the Gateway Lodge No.6513, represents the personal interests of the Provincial Grand Master in whose name the Lodge is dedicated.

R.W.Bro. Gayton Taylor's business was that of a manufacturer of Shoe Accessories and the buckle alludes to this.

As the holder of a civil pilot's licence after service in the Royal Air Force, flying became one of his keen interests, his other main hobby is sailing in coastal waters which now occupies much of his leisure time. The Airman's wings and the anchor give a pictorial representation of these activities and prominence is also given to his close association with the Village Church at Gaddesby of which he was at one time Churchwarden.