The John Meade Falkner Society

The Society was established in 1999, on 8th May - John Meade Falkner’s birthday.

Its aim is to promote the appreciation and study of Falkner’s life, times and works.

The Society’s activities include:

Newsletters, published in January, May and July

An annual Journal, published in July

Support for buildings associated with Meade Falkner, such as Old Fleet Church, Durham Cathedral

Meetings held in areas linked to Meade Falkner

If you would like to join the Society, please complete the Membership Form

The founder of the Society, Kenneth Hillier can be contacted by email:

This Website owes much to the late Robert Wilson, John Meade Falkner's great-nephew, whose own Website was the inspiration for this; and to Malcolm Talbot, whose hard work and skill has created the present site.