The Society’s Journal is published annually, in July. The editor welcomes articles from both members and non-members, but reserves the right to edit them. Below are the contents of the Journals so far.


Number 1 : July 2000

Raymond Moody                                           Then and Now: Falkner’s Burford

Peter Davey                                                    John Meade Falkner’s ‘Wessex’ and The Lost Stradivarius

Christopher Hawtree                                      John Meade Falkner and Sir Nicholas O’Conor


Number 2 : July 2001

Andrew Stibbs                                                Pernicious nonsence? Moonfleet by J. Meade Falkner

Edward Wilson                                               Falkner in Camera: A Photograph from Taunt

Stephen Derry                                                John Meade Falkner’s use of Desperate Remedies and A Laodicean in The Nebuly Coat

Peter Davey                                                   John Meade Falkner’s The Nebuly Coat: an undiscovered Wessex


Number 3 : July 2002

George D. Woodman                                     John Meade Falkner: Novelist and Arms Dealer

Raymond Moody                                           A Poem by John Meade Falkner: Burford, Oxon. (1)

William Peter Mead                                       Biographical Notes on the Mead, Mobbs and Gaskell Ancestors of John Meade Falkner

Edward Wilson Falkner                                 All’ Ombra del Vesuvio

Dale J. Nelson                                                Writers in the M. R. James Tradition


Number 4 : July 2003

Kenneth Warren                                             John Meade Falkner in Durham [1889-1932]: a perspective on a small cathedral city

Peter Davey                                                    Shadow Over Corfe: a consideration of J. Meade Falkner’s poem Corfe Castle

Dale Nelson                                                    Antiquarian Allusions and Inventions in Charalampia

Christine R. Simpson                                       John Meade Falkner, his works and influence on Dorothy L. Sayers

(Edward Wilson ed.)                                       Random Reflections: a correspondence


Number 5 : July 2004

John Coulter                                                     John Meade Falkner as a Book Collector

Kenneth Warren                                               A Berkshire Bicycling Holiday

Peter Davey                                                      Shooting the Past

Arnold Hunt                                                      Chronology and The Nebuly Coat

John Meade Falkner                                          Did Lord Blandamer murder Sharnall?


Number 6 : July 2005

John Meade Falkner                                         My dear Mr. Stone

Christopher Hawtree                                        Shilling Lives

Kenneth Hillier                                                 A Derbyshire or Northumberland Pedagogue?

                                                                           - “Rich and Hard by Name”: A 1483 Mystery


Number 7 : July 2006

Rev. W. Miles Barnes                                      Fleet Old Church and its Brasses

John Meade Falkner                                         A Letter to the Revd. W. Miles Barnes

Royd Whitlock                                                 Carisbrooke Castle in Moonfleet

Kenneth Hillier                                                 John Meade Falkner and Lord Rendel - a contretemps

                                                                          - "Rich and Hard by Name" Part II

John Meade Falkner                                         Returning to London (a poem)


Number 8 : July 2007

Richard H. Taylor                                             John Meade Falkner and Thomas Hardy

John Meade Falkner                                         Dear Mr. Hardy

George Robson                                                 John Meade Falkner M.P. ?

Royd Whitlock                                                 The Religious Books in Moonfleet

Page and Allan Life                                          John Meade Falkner and source material (1)


Number 9 : July 2008

George Robson and

Kenneth Hillier                                                 The Cobra Trail

                                                                          - Elswick "an augean stable"

Michael Daniell                                                 Oxfordshire, Berks but not Bucks: John Meade Falkner's correspondence with his publisher

Christopher Hawtree                                        "Crazy Vessel": Falkner's Bath Inheritance


Number 10 : July 2009

Christopher Hawtree                                          John Meade Falkner's Impressions of Death

George Robson                                                  Rural Rides to Catcleugh

Royd Whitlock                                                  Moonfleet : Maritime Matters

Kenneth Warren                                                Concentric Worlds: The Divinity House in the life of John Meade Falkner

John Meade Falkner                                          Last Ballade of Burford (poem)


Number 11 : July 2010

George Robson                                                  A Speculation

Michael Daniel                                                  A very small result'? John Meade Falkner's History of Oxfordshire

Christoper Hawtree                                           A Transplanted Hidalgo

John Meade Falkner                                          Villa Adriana (poem)

John Meade Falkner                                         'Twixt Deal and Dover (poem)

Royd Whitlock                                                   Index to Volumes 1 – 10


Number 12 : July 2011

John Meade Falkner                                           Life in West Walks, Dorchester

George Robson                                                 ‘Homes of the Happiest’: Halcyon Days at Lorbottle Hall

                                                                         - No. 42 South Street, Durham

                                                                         - John Meade Falkner’s Colleagues (1) Sir Philip Watts

                                                                         - The Great Storm of November 1824

Number 13 : July 2012

Pamela Gerrish Nunn                                       Anne Louise Falkner

Robin Davies                                                   Bath in History and Social Tradition by An Appreciative Visitor

George Robson                                                ‘Explosion on the Tyne’

Ray Ion                                                             Smugglers’ Bay: You lose some….you win some

                                                                          - Eighty Years On: 22nd July 1932

Number 14 : July 2013

George Woodman                                        Charalampia: a quasi-Byzantine romance?

George Robson                                             Subterranean

John Meade Falkner                                     Dragonade - Easter 1889

John Meade Falkner                                     Villa Adriana

Kenneth Hillier                                             A Brazilian Adventure

Number 15 : July 2014

Kenneth Warren                                            Belief, Work and War: Some of the puzzles in the life of John Meade Falkner

Christopher Hawtree                                     The Freewheelin’ Falkner: On re-reading The Nebuly Coat

Ray Ion and Kenneth Hillier                          Falkner’s Farm, Wiltshire

Ray Ion and George Robson                          The In-Laws

John Meade Falkner                                       Picadilly

Number 16 : July 2015

Jonathan Brough                                  Prosper the Bonaventure...Storm Coming Now

Ray Ion                                               100 Years Ago (1)

Kenneth Hillier                                   Pen Portraits 

David Conner                                     A Christmas Day Sermon 2013

     -                                                     A Leaf from a West Country Book of Hours c.1425

John Meade Falkner                            Untitled  Poem

Number 17 : July 2016

Peter Davidson                                    John Meade Falkner: Novelist and Antiquary

Ray Ion                                                 100 Years Ago (2)

Kenneth Warren                                    The Northumberland recreations of the masters of Elswick                      

Philip Weller                                        Part I: Piedigrotta or The Game is Afoot

Richard Davenport-Hines                      John Meade Falkner and Oxford